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Fresh meals are prepared weekly and frozen for your convenience in microwavable/ovenproof containers. We research and develop our exclusive brand of “Great Rice Dishes of the World” Rice and Curry range so that you at home can enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal.We regularly Lab Test our products to ensure that you end up with hygienic meal prepared to current food standards.Nutritional information is indicated on our packaging to help you make an informed choice.

Lampries- Our signature dish available fresh or frozen, with an exotic mix of meat curry, sambols, meat balls and rice cooked in stock. Foil container $13.90 ea.

Biriyani Lamb or Chicken – Aromatic Basmati Rice cooked in spices, chicken or lamb
curry, eggplant and fresh mint sambol with potato fry

  • Chicken Biriyani       $13.90 ea
  • Vegetarian Biriyani  $11.50 ea

Fried Rice- Sri Lankan style Fried rice with mixed vegetables and bacon served with chicken or beef curry $11.50 ea

Kottu Roti- Flat Bread diced and tossed with cabbage, carrots and chicken or beef curry.

  • Chicken Kottu Roti       $13.30 ea
  • Beef Kottu Roti              $14.20 ea

Nasi Goreng- Spicy and hot, Basmati rice cooked with curry paste Roast pork, Chicken and greens. Served with tender beef rendang $13.40 ea

Stringhopper Pilau
– Fresh Stringhoppers tossed with mixed vegetables, bacon and served with meat balls Chicken or Beef curry. $13.90 ea

Yellow Rice
- Aromatic Saffron Rice cooked with a hint of coconut milk served with chicken or beef curry, sambols and potato.

  • Chicken Yellow Rice  12.40 ea
  • Beef Yellow Rice         13.40 ea

Spanish Seafood Paella- Mixed Seafood and Chorizo sausage tossed with rice cooked in stock, served with Garlic prawns and Mussels. $ 14.90 ea

A variety of frozen meat curries available in 280 gm packs

  • Chicken  $8.30 ea
  • Beef         $8.90 ea
  • Pork        $8.90 ea

Frozen Pittu Red     $3.95

Frozen Pittu white  $3.75

Finger foods as marked
Curry and Chips Brand “HOME MADE LINGUS”
The original Lingus made with Beef and Pork mince and exotic spices 500 g pack $13.50

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